Bank Account Information System (BAIS)

The Treasury Department, composed of the Comptroller of Maryland and the State Treasurer's Office (STO), is required by Article VI S3 of the Constitution of Maryland to approve all bank accounts used by state agencies. Agency bank account request procedures are documented in the Comptroller's Accounting Procedures Manual (see link below). The Bank Account Information System (BAIS) permits the online processing of agency bank account requests by the Treasury Department.

BAIS is quicker and more efficient than the paper system.

The BAIS consists of the Bank Account Information System, X-1 Request form, and instructions, which can be accessed from the State Treasurer's web site at

The form should be completed online by the requesting state agency and submitted to STO for processing.

All agency inquiries concerning the processing and status of the BAIS system should be directed to STO.

STO will be the initial point of contact concerning bank account requests. STO will maintain the user security profile that authorizes all system users. Both GAD and STO personnel will be responsible for the maintenance and control of BAIS and the timely processing of all agency requests. STO will produce special bank account active and inactive reports on request.

BAIS Forms and Documents:


Phone: 410-260-7270