General Accounting Division

The General Accounting Division (GAD) was the original office of the State Comptroller, created with the establishment of the office in 1851. GAD is responsible for maintaining Maryland's general ledger and accounting for all State funds received and disbursed. Other accounting functions of GAD include countersigning and distributing all State Treasury checks.

The General Accounting Division is made up of two sections. One section consists of Administration, Office Systems and Development, and Post Audit while the other consists of Financial Reporting, Operations, and Pre-Audits.

The vendor accounting section will provide you with the forms, general information and disbursement procedures for the state of Maryland. Vendors should keep in mind that the state of Maryland requires all contractors to be registered to receive state payments by electronic funds transfer (EFT) before any contract exceeding $200,000 is approved by the Maryland Board of Public Works. You can register with the General Accounting Division.

Mission Statement

The General Accounting Division, operating under the management oversight of the Comptroller of Maryland, is dedicated to carrying out its duties and responsibilities as required by federal and state laws and regulations with efficiency and expediency.

The General Accounting Division will provide accounting and fiscal services to state agencies and the public to satisfy, in part, the Comptroller of Maryland's "general superintendence of the fiscal affairs of the state" responsibilities as stated in the Constitution of Maryland. All services provided by the division will be timely, courteous, and meet or exceed the standards set by the accounting profession.

The General Accounting Division will maintain and improve the integrity of Maryland's finance and the excellence of Maryland's fiscal reputation.

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