Mandated Reports and Studies

Mandated reports and studies as required by the Maryland General Assembly.

  • Federal Impact Reports: The Federal Impact Reports (60-Day Reports) describe the direct and indirect impact of changes to the Internal Revenue Code on Maryland revenues.
  • Fees & User Charges Biennial Report - FY 2022: This report which is issued every other year,  provides information on fees and user charges collected by state agencies for the year ended June 30. In addition, the report, includes a comparison of actual revenues to the total costs of providing the service or performing the function for which the fees or charges are imposed.
  • Tourism Sales and Use Tax Revenues: As required under the Tourism Promotion Act of 2008 of the 2008 legislative session of the General Assembly, a report to make a certain calculation regarding certain annual sales and use tax revenues collected on the retail sale of tourist-oriented goods and services, as determined by the Comptroller.
  • Workgroup on Pandemic Spending
  • 2021 Report on Gender Diversity in the Boardroom