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Mobile Homes

Sales of new mobile homes are subject to the Maryland 6 percent sales and use tax and the rate is applied to 60 percent of the taxable price.

A mobile home is defined in Article 83B, Section 6-202 (g), Annotated Code of Maryland, as a structure with the following characteristics:

  • Transportable in one or more sections;
  • Eight or more body feet in width and 30 or more body feet in length;
  • Built on a permanent chassis; and
  • Designed to be used as a dwelling, with or without a permanent foundation, when connected to the required utilities.

The 60 percent taxable portion of the sales price of the first retail sale of a mobile home should be reported on line 2a of the sales and use tax return. The 6 percent tax being remitted should be reported on line 2b.

Sales of used mobile homes are exempt from the sales and use tax.