Brooke E. Lierman


I am humbled and honored by the overwhelming support for this campaign in communities across the state. And I'm inspired by the Marylanders of all backgrounds who have rolled up their sleeves over the last 20 months – coming together to tackle the big challenges we face today and tomorrow. As the first woman independently elected to one of our three statewide constitutional offices, I'm proud to shatter a glass ceiling here in Maryland and committed to ensuring I am not the last.

Thank you for the confidence and trust you have placed in me. Together, we will build a better Maryland.

Brooke E. Lierman Comptroller


Transition Team

Summary & Report: The Lierman transition was an open and inclusive process that connected individuals from around the state to reimagine how the Comptroller’s office can build communities that are more equitable, resilient, and prosperous. Each work group reviewed department data, consulted with policy experts and reviewed the public's input on key issues and priorities, all of which were used to develop a Transition Report – a comprehensive set of recommendations that will inform goals and plans of the leadership of the Office of the Comptroller.


  • Honorary CoChairs
  • Working CoChairs
  • Workgroup CoChairs

Office of the Comptroller Leadership Team

  • Chief of Staff
  • Chief Deputy Comptroller
  • Dep Comp for Policy, Public Works & Investment
  • Dep Comp for Public Engagement/li>
  • Dep Comp for Law & Oversight
  • Chief Equity Officer
  • Chief Information Officer (TBD)